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Kerala Ayurveda Herbs & Imports Ltd is the Imports and distribution section of Kerala Ayurveda Inc, Canada.

KAHI follows the needful parameters for the assurance of the quality of our imported products. We are importing products only from Kerala, India; do not import or sell any products other than from Canada or Kerala.The products are manufactured at a GMP approved company in Kerala as per the protocols and standards set by Industry Governing Bodies like USFDA and FPT.We do not compromise on standard of products and services. We have stock of all major traditional Ayurveda Oils such as Dhanwantharam oil and Kuzhambu, Karpooradi Thailam, Shacharadi Thailam, Kottamchukadi thailam, Prabhanjanam Kuzhambu.. and much more. We sell special Hair oil for Dandruff, split hair, premature graying and hair fall. We recommend free consultation prior to using our products for the awareness on product, when and how to use for the maximum effectiveness and value of money.

Kerala Ayurveda is focused on Pain management and good health of people. The main objective is bringing back to Daily Activities (ADL) by avoiding restriction in life style and providing awareness about the condition people are suffering from. Since the conditions differ to person to person, it is trying to provide actual information on the illness and bringing them out of fear and confusion to become productive within very short span of time.

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Myaxyl oil is an effective and Safe Anti-rheumatic Oil with anti-inflammatory & analgesic properties in it. The local application of Myaxyl Oil soothes and relieves Musculo-skeletal Spasms and Sprains. It stimulates Blood Circulation to the affected parts, in turn reducing Swelling, Pain and Stiffness. This is very effective in pain related to Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Muscular Spasms and Myalgia etc. It also relives Pain and Inflammation due to Sprain, Contusion and other Injuries. Thanks to their Pain-relieving, Emollient, and Anodyne actions, the Ayurvedic Ingredients in Myaxyl Oil including Rasna, Nandivriksha, Eucalyptus Oil, Lemon Grass Oil, Sesame Oil and Devadaru. It may help reduce Swelling and Spasms, provide Flexibility to Joints, improving Mobility, relieve joint stiffness and enable quick penetration providing Faster Relief.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnosis, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The effectiveness may be vary from person to person depend on usage, body type, age, daily activities (ADL) and other conditions."







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